Collin Henderson Master Your Mindset Rush Clinic

                            Collin Henderson Master Your Mindset Rush Clinic

Training Topic:
Master Your Mindset: Tools to Win the InnerGame for kids, parents and coaches

Where Edmonds Woodway Gym

Time: Sunday Feb 25th 4:30-5:30pm

Cost: Free! 

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Training Overview:
Based on research from positive psychology and cognitive behavioral
training, Mental Performance Coach, Collin Henderson shares his
experience as a two sport division-I student-athlete and medical sales
professional who struggled and overcame self-doubt and crippling
anxiety. Learn the skills and drills to develop an elite mindset,
inner-belief, and mental toughness. Coach Collin believes in prehab,
not just rehab. You can’t just train your body and technical skills.
Mental training is the future of leadership, business, and sport, so
be ahead of the curve and learn how to make mindset training a vital
and consistent part of your development — great tools for athletes,
coaches, and parents.

Speaker Bio:
Collin Henderson is the founder and CEO of Master Your Mindset, LLC, a
leader in the field of mental conditioning. Collin left his corporate
role as a number one ranked medical sales professional and national
sales trainer to now be considered by many, including acclaimed
broadcaster, Jim Rome, “One of the best mindset coaches in the
industry." Collin has written seven books and two journals and his
Master Your Mindset Podcasts has hundreds of thousands of downloads
worldwide. Collin has personally trained #1 NBA draft picks, Heisman
trophy finalists, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL athletes, and corporate
executives looking to get that mental edge.

Collin’s innovative trainings on mindset, culture, and sales
psychology have been utilized by some of the world’s best
organizations including: Nike, Zillow, Los Angeles Dodgers, Lululemon,
Anaheim Ducks, Microsoft, Salesforce, Alaska Airlines, FedEx, and
Amazon. Collin teaches his mindset curriculum with college teams and
school districts across the country.

Collin is the Director of Mental Conditioning with the UCLA Women’s
Basketball program and is also a regular mental performance
contributor to Russell Wilson’s groundbreaking company Limitless
Minds, who provide elite mindset training to the nation’s top

Watch these two videos below of Collin presenting in two different
learning environments:

1. Quiet the Noise - Collin in front of a large audience

2.  Attitudes Are Contagious - Collin in a more intimate setting
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