About Rush Baseball


About Rush Baseball

Select baseball has really changed over the last decade or so. With hyper competitive environments and win-at-all-costs mentalities have replaced efforts to foster skill development, leadership, character, and preparation for life after the game. 


Rush works against that concept to focus more on the development of men and future leaders. We believe that by doing things the right way our players will gain the necessary skills and character attributes to succeed in the future, both on and off the diamond. In just a short span of time, we have achieved impressive on-field success. We have gained recognition along the way as one of the top baseball programs in the state and in the country. Recognized not only for what we have accomplished on the field, but also for the manner in which we operate.


“Protecting their love to play and preparing young men for a successful future on and off the field.”

— Rush Mission Statement


We are not simply just another travel ball program. Rush was created with the intent of providing exceptional baseball instruction utilizing the expertise and experience of former collegiate and professional players and coaches. The program has since evolved to include services to help navigate the recruiting process, advise parents on how they may better serve their sons in their role as sport parents, and teach athletes the importance of community service. Our player development model involves a character and leadership component that applies to on and off the field settings. Our practices, games, teams, camps, programs, philosophies, and methods are designed to balance competition with passion and respect for the game.